S.T.E.M Toys For Your Toddler

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Over time, learning has evolved a lot. Gone are the days when, for toddlers,  learning was all about filling scrapbooks and sketching stencils. STEM toys for toddlers bring a lot of interaction getting the children excited about science and interactive learning. These toys act as excellent stimuli for young brains and give a kick-start to the learning process. With their introduction, learning no longer seems like a burden to the child and they actually start participating in the learning process.


STEM Toys For Toddlers

Here, we have an exclusive list of nine STEM toys for toddlers and preschoolers, all can lead to beneficial hobbies for kids :

STEM toys for toddlersTOY MICROSCOPE – One of the best gifts that you can give your kid with the purpose of introducing him or her to the wonders of science is a toy microscope.  The toy gives your child a chance to view real, daily-life objects close-up and appreciate their structure. It also supports and promotes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning. Most of the popular toy microscopes come equipped with a bright flashlight to illuminate the object properly and aid the kid’s vision.

STEM toys for toddlersMAGNETIC BUILDING BLOCK TILES – A magnetic building blocks kit is an ideal STEM toy for kids. The toy contributes to the child’s fine motor development and promotes their cognitive development and helps them learn to recognize colors. It inspires imagination in toddlers and helps channel their interest in science. A group of three to four kids can ideally handle the kit together and learn to work in teams and co-operate. The popular models of this toy consist of blocks of different mathematical shapes, teaching the kids the basics.

STEM toys for toddlersSCIENCE LABORATORY ACTIVITY SET – The kit allows the kids to foster a curiosity for science by conducting real, hands-on science experiments. The toy kit consists of visually-appealing laboratory equipment and has easy-to-follow, scientific activities. The kids can easily memorize the names of various laboratory equipment and enhance their practical skills.

STEM toys for toddlersPLUSH SCIENCE TOYS – These soft, adorable, and informative toys can be your child’s best friend. When playacting with these toys, children learn to handle their emotions and understand themselves better. Relationships with siblings and parents can be improved through these imagined interactions with attractive plush toys. Moreover, as your toddler learns to talk, he or she will be excited to practice this new skill.


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STEM toys for toddlers DINOSAUR PLAY SET – Jumbo Dinosaur Play Set is the best tool for enhancing a child’s memory. Dinosaur names are long and tough to remember, however, they make for a perfect memory enhancing exercise. Human beings tend to have a pictorial memory. The child can easily remember the name if aided by a real-life model.  The brain retains the stuff taught for a longer time with the help of pictures. This toy is a perfect illustration of the concept. The appealing figures attract the child and aid the learning process.

STEM toys for toddlersCLOUD TUB TOY – Rain cloud tub toy is a charming and smart bath toy with a magical touch. This toy is an effective tool that illustrates the water cycle in a fun manner. It teaches the child ’cause-and-effect’, stimulates their curiosity, instigates imagination and develops their ability to ask questions. A perfect tool for introducing a kid to basic physics, the toy is a cool combination of fun and learning

STEM toys for toddlersSOLAR SYSTEM – This last one on the list of STEM toys for toddlers is a perfect tool to teach your preschooler all about the solar system. This toy generally comes with some flashcards. It introduces astronomy, science,  as well as fine motor skills to the kids. The toy is also a great way to build puzzle solving skills. 

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S.T.E.M Toys For Your Toddler

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