The Child Care Challenge and the Nanny Solution


As a parent, you want the best care for your children; however, with so many choices for care, it can be a little overwhelming. Whether you work full time, need some time to yourself or have additional family and community obligations, the bottom line is that you are at some point going to need childcare – and that process shouldn’t be a challenge.


Learn how to solve those childcare problems with a part-time or full-time nanny on hand to offer love, care and developmental support for your children. Especially as working moms! The guilt of leaving them with someone else does creep up periodically, I must admit. Remembering that it’s someone that enjoys showing them attention and affection while I’m away makes a world of difference. Below are a few reasons we chose the nanny route, however it’s always best to choose what works best for your family.


Child Care Challenge #1:

It’s difficult for parents to find a strong fit for childcare, but when working with daycare centers, you really don’t know who or what your child will be exposed to on a daily basis. For instance, your child may not mesh well with some of the teachers or even other children, which can lead to behavioral problems or even safety issues. In addition, many daycare centers have a high turnover rate, which means you may not get a chance to personally get to know each child care provider who is caring for your child each day.


The Nanny Solution

With a nanny, you get the opportunity to personally interview the person who will be spending time with your child each day and build a bond and relationship with this individual. Nannies offer personalized care while being able to meet your specific needs for social interaction, emotional development and academic learning. The personalized care helps your child to also build a bond with an adult who is nurturing and consistent each day. The best part? Your nanny controls the type of children your kids interact with so that they can carefully monitor safety or behavioral concerns.


Child Care Challenge #2:

Daycare centers and in-home childcare providers often care for multiple children at one time. As a result, your child is not likely to receive one-on-one care. This means that your child may be participating in activities that make him or her uncomfortable or even promote social anxiety. The constant in and out of children can also be overwhelming for children at any age. Consistency is key when seeking out reliable and nurturing childcare options.


The Nanny Solution

When you hire a nanny, you know that your child is getting the one-one-one care he or she deserves. Nannies can personalize the daily routine to maximize your child’s development and has more of an opportunity to learn how to interact and encourage your child. For instance, at a daycare, all children eat, play and nap at the same time. However, when you have a nanny in your home, he or she can create a schedule that works best for your child and your family as a whole.


Child Care Challenge #3:

When your child is sick, daycare centers require that you immediately remove the child from care, which is understandable. However, if you have work or family obligations that prevent you from being available to pick up your child, it’s quite a challenge to find alternative arrangements and offer your child the care and nurturing he or she needs while ill.

The Nanny Solution

A nanny is able to provide the care a sick child needs in the comfort of his or her own home. You’ll have the flexibility to continue your routine and leave your child with a nanny who is trained to handle medical situations or mild illnesses. In addition, with a nanny at home with your child, you can check in often, ultimately having the peace of mind knowing your child’s current health status while also taking care of your obligations.


Child Care Challenge #4:

While one myth about childcare is that nannies are more expensive, that’s not always the case. In fact, when you assess the quality of care your child receives when bustled together with 10 other children versus the care he or she receives with one nanny, it’s clear that you’re paying a high price for daycare centers.


The Nanny Solution

Families can opt to hire a part time or full-time nanny at a cost that is affordable, especially when enlisting the help of CareWorks. What you’ll find with a trusted nanny is that the amount of money you pay for childcare is put to good use when you have a qualified, professional nanny caring for your children each day.


Child Care Challenge #5:

Daycare centers often have a set curriculum, but if your child is advanced or has learning disabilities, the curriculum is often lost on them. It’s impossible to meet the educational, emotional and social needs of every child in a daycare center when learning styles and social skills vary.


The Nanny Solution

Nannies spend ample time with children to be able to assess how they learn, communicate and explore. Your child’s development is essential and when you employ a nanny, you have the opportunity to guide the curriculum and play. Families can work with nannies to create play opportunities that are both educational. For instance, if you prefer screen-free play, you can guarantee this practice with a nanny, while you can’t necessarily dictate screen-free play at a daycare center that may opt for movies in the afternoons.


With every challenge you face during parenting, there is a definite solution. However, when it comes to choosing childcare, the process doesn’t have to be a challenge for your family. Nannies offer a solution for your child’s care and development. When seeking just the right individual to join your family, we’ve found the most success through word of mouth. If you aren’t so lucky going that route, there are plenty of nanny referral services such as  Careworks


Parenting is hard, but it doesn’t have to be when you have a nanny who loves and cares for your children with a one-on-one approach and a professional attitude. See for yourself how impactful it can be to find just the right one for your children’s care. No matter your childcare options, let’s move toward eliminating working mom guilt, our children know they are loved.



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Finding daycare is sometimes hard to do as a working mom. Here are 5 of the biggest daycare challenges solved by hiring a nanny.

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  1. October 3, 2018 / 9:57 pm

    Such great points! I’m nowhere close to having children but a nanny does seem like a better bang for your buck.

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