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Weddings are not your everyday party. They aren’t your typical hoedown. I feel it is a formal and spiritual celebration. So why do some people act like its just another party? People no longer dress appropriately. They send their guests text or emails as the ‘formal’ invitation. Everyone skips the ceremony to go to the reception with empty hands and hungry bellies ready to take Instagram pics tagged #weddingtinz, but don’t even give recognition to who’s getting married! (let me not front, I have been guilty of the last one. LOL). But why are we dumbing down proper etiquette?

Real talk, can we take a second to reflect on what a wedding really is? We are not here to come and repeat this again next year. We are celebrating two becoming one with our closest friends and family there to bare witness!

Show those who really mean something to you that you really want them at your wedding. Put some pen to paper! Order some real invitations! You can even DIY your invites to save money. It adds such a personal touch. I’ve seen plenty of DIY invites that have turned out fabulous! I toyed with the idea myself but quickly realized I didn’t have the patience for it (more about my DIY #fails , in future posts).

One thing I do know is that proper etiquette says that your invites should match the formality and compliment the style of your wedding. Hopefully that comes across in our official invites. Can’t wait to get them next month 😁.

Now I am far from the etiquette  queen and I am in support of saving money by sending facebook invites and E-cards for all other events. But it’s just something about your wedding day that I feel should be held in a higher regard. Mail is rarely sent out these days and it’s something about you Wedding day that should be set apart from the rest. That day is magical, romantic, a mark in history and full of memories. It won’t be a perfect day, but if it means a lot to you let your guests know.

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