I Quit Blogging, But I’m Back!

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Hey There!
I know, I know…you missed me. It has been a long while but please don’t be mad! Three years ago wedding planning took me for such a loop. I was honestly so over anything wedding that I bailed on wedding blogging, completely. I just couldn’t push myself to write about my wedding anymore. Don’t get me wrong – it was the best, most stress-free day of my life! But lets be real, the road to my dream Nigerian Wedding was tiresome, time consuming and expensive. Despite all of that I wouldn’t have changed it. What greatly helped put things into perspective was remembering that this was only for a day, and the marriage is meant for a lifetime.

I wish I could continue to relive that day: it was so beautiful, so magical. From the dress to the castle-like reception; I was already overjoyed with the day we had planned. Still, my husband went above and beyond to surprise me with a special performance by the CEO dancers from the U.K! I could never forget that day.

You can take a look at our Wedding story on Bellanaija.com for more details.

Life has been such a whirlwind of change since then. Moving, getting use to married life, life as a new grad PA, moving again, changing specialties with every move. Let me not fail to mention the best part of my hiatus: We have a son now! I will go into more detail on my 1st surprise pregnancy, giving birth and exclusive pumping experience in later posts.

Now, how did you get back to blogging, Onyi? Well, when it comes to blogging you really want it to be something you’re passionate about. Passion drives the best posts/content/advice. One thing I know is that I am passionate about my family, career and saving money. My main goal is to hopefully help make your day a little bit brighter, easier or maybe add a little laughter. Then it came to me: your toddler is the definition of active, your pregnant (again), getting ready to move (again) and there isn’t enough on your plate, let’s relaunch your blog too! LOL

Long story short: with the help of a great hosting at Siteground, a new logo from Logojoy and now I’m ready to relaunch my old blog. IfyOnyi.com is now Sincerelyonyi.com.

Let’s have some fun!




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