Things I Take On My Vacation For My Special Needs Child That Just Make Sense

Things I Take On My Vacation For My Special Needs Child That Just Make Sense

Can you believe we’re almost half way through the year? I can’t be the only one that’s excited to welcome some sunny weather and warm sand between my toes! We’ve got quite a bit to look forward to for the rest of the year, including (*knock on wood*) more family travel experiences! I’m especially excited to be sharing more information and tips with you about my journey as a mother of a neurodiverse child, and what we as parents and community members can do to support our little champs. If you’re unfamiliar with what neurodiversity means, or want more information, you can check out my blogpost here

As I’ve shared on social media I do have one child who is autistic. If you are an autism-parent, you are aware that there are some developmental delays that become more pronounced when it comes to travel such as potty training, awareness of dangers around them, strict meal preferences and the like. Nevertheless, we’re grateful to have been able to have our sons enjoy traveling with us.


In this blog I’ll be sharing tips for family travel, and what hubby and I have found to be the most useful when planning our vacations. I’m also including items we use to accommodate our special needs child. Some have been useful on our trips to Disneyland, Cancun, Bahamas and our upcoming trip to Jamaica.

Things I Take On My Vacation For My Special Needs Child That Just Make Sense

  1. Matching OutfitI like to pack matching outfits for both of our boys so that if one of them gets lost, we can easily identify what they were wearing. You can find a variety of stylishly-cute matching sets online at nominal prices from retailers like Target, Old Navy, H&M and more!
  2. Diaper Pail InsertIt’s not uncommon to have a delay in potty training. That’s why I stay prepared by packing diaper pail inserts for convenient disposal when we’re on-the-go. 
  3. Apple Air TagThis is definitely one of those technological advances that have helped us keep our children safe. With the Apple Air Tag we can lessen the stress and time spent locating a child in crowded, public spaces. 
  4. Anti-Lost Wrist LinAlthough I’ve only had to resort to using this tool in emergency situations, it’s proven to be effective in preventing elopement. 
  5. Suitcase Scooter For KidsWe got our boys scooter luggages mainly for their amusement, but it definitely helps us quickly get from one point to another when we’re under a time crunch. 


Overall, I’ve found these items to be incredibly helpful when planning a successful trip with the littles. What are some other tips or products that your family uses on vacations? Go ahead and leave a comment below, and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter, and follow me on Instagram and Tik Tok for more Motherhood, Lifestyle and Travel content.



















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