Tips For Making Holiday Shopping Easier

making holiday shopping easier

Holiday shopping can be stressful, that is no secret. Finding time to head to the store to shop for everyone on your list, finding gifts in high demand , staying within the budget, and the list goes on. If you’re like me, holiday shopping needs an easy button so we can just enjoy the season. Well, I’ve created some tips for making holiday shopping more comfortable if you’re in need of guidance! These tips will help make your shopping to-do list a bit easier than past years. 

Making Holiday Shopping Easier

Make That List

The first thing I recommend before starting to shop is to make a list of each person you’re buying for. Even if it’s your neighbor across the street, write every single person’s name down. This will give you a checklist to base off of to make sure no one gets forgotten. If you have ideas in mind, write what gifts you want to buy next to their name. Then when you are shopping if you see a deal, you can mark off the American Girl doll next to your nieces’ name, etc. 


After I get my list made I write out a budget for each person. Maybe you can spend $50 for each child, or $100 for in-laws, this is going to help you see how much money will be needed for your total list. From there tweak prices to fit what works for your budget. Try not to go over that price point when you buy. Grabbing a gift card at Walmart is easy to keep your holiday shopping in the budget.


making holiday shopping easier

Gift Cards 

Gift cards are always nice to get so the recipient can head out or shop online for the perfect gift they are really wanting. I can’t tell you how many giftsI’ve gotten that I just wished for a gift receipt because it otherwise ends up regifted or donated. I buy a variety of gift cards for people at Walmart to match their personality. if say they want a certain brand of an item or clothes. Gift cards to brands like Google, Domino’s, Regal theater and more are always useful to your friends and family, and they get buy exactly what they want. Plus they are easy to pick up at Walmart’s special holiday gift card display. Keeping it simple and stress-free while finding them the perfect gift that they will be sure to love. We all have a few people on our list that are impossible to buy for, and that is where gift cards swoop in to save the day. 

Cash Back Sites 

Use cashback sites like where you shop online and get cash back for money you spent at select stores. You can even find apps on your phone that offer in-store cash back once you scan the receipts. Also, the Walmart Savings Catcher app will refund your money after you scan your Walmart receipts if they find a lower price. All of these are great ways to help you stay within budget and get money back where you can. 

Bulk Gifts 

So if you plan to give your co-workers gifts, neighbors, or so on, consider bulk gifts. Buy enough to make each person a gift basket like these. Some fun gift basket ideas are like spa items like face masks, nail polish, or you could even do snacks items, or including gift cards from Walmart’s display can make it even easier.

Shop Online 

Get anxiety overcrowded stores? You are not alone! Consider shopping online for the gifts your family and friends want. I go to deal bloggers sites and find deals on the hottest toys, kitchen accessories, tools and more and see if I have anyone who would like it. You can find tons of deals for up to 90% off at times. If you do shop online, make sure to use Ebates to get money back on all of your purchases, CLICK HERE to sign up. Also, utilize the free shipping from stores so you don’t lose money by paying for shipping. Or if they have an opt-in to ship to store so you don’t have to pay to ship, that is always good to do. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 

Both of these days are popular for shopping for those gifts to check off your list. You can shop in-stores on Black Friday or even online, and online for Cyber Monday! You can find some of the best deals of the year on these two days. A great time to buy any last minute gifts you still need for your buying list. 

Tips For Making Holiday Shopping Easier

How do you make gift cards the perfect gift during the holidays?


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