Why Swim Lessons Are Needed Year Round

Why Swim Lessons Are Needed Year Round

This has been an amazing year of learning as young swimmers and parents to 2 young swimmers. It all started with screams and discomfort in the water from the start of lessons. At 30 months, Gozie went into the level 3 class on his own, listening to instructors for direction. This is where he grew the most. But there were setbacks, the last quarter of the year was filled with several trips out of town that had us missing class after class.


The Result: The boys became uncomfortable in the water. It was a frustrating feeling to have them revert back to reluctant screams and cries before a class, especially 9 months in.


Our Solution: Double up the classes

aqua tots swim lessons

“This is the last time, dont dip me again”

Stay Committed to Classes


I’m going to save him from the embarrassment of uploading a video of him crying and whining through swim class as if he hadn’t been there all year. My biggest point is consistent. Consistency is key in making swim lessons work. That’s the number one reason to take lessons year-round until your child

aqua tots swim lessons

aqua tots swim lessons

They Help Retain And Improve Swim Skills

Learn from our mistakes, you don’t want to make up for lost swim lessons. Keep your little one’s skills sharp and progressive

Provides Consistent Stress Relief

Being a kid can be stressful (If only they knew how good they had it) such as daycare, school, travel, projects or even potty training.  So finding a way to relieve daily stress is essential for bringing peace.

Keeps Them Active During Off Season

Attending classes in the cold weather months are some of my biggest recommendations. During these last few months of the year, outside activities decrease and leave our little ones with a lack of exercise options. Swim lessons give them the opportunity for exercise and honing in on their swim skills. We’re glad to enjoy Aqua Tots pools that keep the water heated at 90 degrees.


We’re grateful that this blog has allowed us a chance to put both of our children in lessons. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, access to swim lessons does not come easily to everyone. We absolutely love attending classes at Aqua-Tots swim school but if you can’t commit to the financial investment just yet, there are other options. So what is the solution? Thankfully, organizations like Let’s Swim SA are giving free group swim lessons from 4 years old and up.

Why Swim Lessons Are Needed Year Round

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