When to Transition to a Harness Booster Seat and 5 Safety Tips during Baby Safety Month

When to Transition to a Harness Booster Seat and 5 Safety Tips during Baby Safety Month


Did you know that September is Baby Safety Month? Did you also know that a booster seat is different from a 5-point harness car seat? Now is the perfect time to refresh on best practices for car seat safety. First of all, when choosing a car seat, it’s important to keep three things in mind, you need a seat that:

  • Fits your vehicle
  • Fits your child
  • and allows you to confidently install it correctly every time

With our oldest turning four pretty soon, we knew it was the perfect time to put him in a car seat that will easily transition him to a booster when it’s time. That’s why we are excited about Chicco’s My Fit Zip Air Harness + Booster Car Seat, which serves as a great transitional seat, and is perfect for my little guy as he’s just not big enough for a true booster yet. 

Is a Harness Booster Right for my Child?

There really is no definite time that will determine the transition to a booster seat since each child will have their own developmental stages. But here’s some quick guidelines that can help you decide if a harness booster is right for you from Chicco’s Child Passenger Safety Advocate, Courtney Barry:

  • Before transitioning your child from a forward-facing convertible car seat to a belt-positioning booster seat, it’s important to feel confident that they are mature enough to sit upright, without playing with their seat belt and accidentally moving it into an unsafe position. This is why transitional seats like harness boosters are perfect for the little ones who just are not ready yet.
  • Harness Boosters, like our MyFit Zip Air, offer added protection and security for little big kids that have outgrown their forward-facing convertible car seat since they offer a 5-point harness.
  • The 5-point harness is designed with higher shoulder strap slots that allow taller children protection, security and comfort until they are ready for the next step.

This is what makes our MyFit Zip Air so awesome. From the 5-point harness to a booster seat, it makes transitioning so seamless, especially for the kids who might be just a little too small for a true booster. I can’t forget to mention how we’ve loved the open seating and especially the snack cup. There is room for our little guy to grow!


Choosing the Right Seat 

There are different types of booster seats, including the backless booster and the high-back booster, all are great options and depend on the stage of your little. 

Most popular brands have their own harness booster seat variations, but if you want the best value for your money, go for the MyFit Zip Air by Chicco, which can be used both ways from a 5-point harness to a booster with the belt-positioning feature. This means that you can actually use the booster seat, even when your kid has already grown! It grows with your little from toddler to big kid. More of the convenient features and little details that we love about the Chicco MyFit Zip Air are below:

  • It was easy to install and provides comfort and protection and prevents head flop
  • It has 9 headrest settings for ultimate comfort plus recline support
  • Premium LATCH connectors with SuperCinch tightener
  • The LockSure belt-tightening system makes it easy to achieve a tight fit
  • 3D AirMesh backrest/seat for improved ventilation
  • Washer-friendly and super easy to clean (especially those leatherette armrests)
  • The zip and wash seating – the top seat pad zips right off so you can wash it while your child can still use it 
  • Two cupholders (including that awesome storage console)


Here are my top 5 tips for a safe car ride for the whole family: 

  • Always wear your seat belt. It should be fastened properly and must stay on until you have reached your destination. Practice the proper way to secure your kids in their car seats so they will be protected at all times. 
  • Kids who are younger than 12 years old must stay at the back of the car. The air bags in the passenger side will cause serious injuries to a small child, so make sure your kids stay in the back seat.
  • Always make sure that the car is locked or has child-proof locks. Lock the doors once everyone is properly seated and always remind your children to never leave the car unattended. 
  • Remind your children to keep their hands and other body parts inside the car, even when it is not in motion. Instruct your kids to always follow the rules and ask for adult supervision when needed. Encourage your children to be calm and low-key in their respective seats. Remind them not to fight or make a fuss so they will not be a cause of distraction of the driver. Educate your children on the importance of safety and by following the rules at all time. 


The MyFit Zip Air, and all of its useful features are available at ChiccoUSA.com for $299.99 and in stores nationwide. 

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