You Need This Car Maintenance Checklist

car maintenance checklist | sincerely onyi

Cars maintenance wasn’t my strong suit. I use to default all things cars to my Dad or Husband. With our now fluctuating schedule, it’s not so easy. I’ve been taking more responsibility to maintain things around our home, and that includes our car. Today I’m sharing a car maintenance checklist that you can use on your own or when you get a free inspection at a mechanic like Christian Brothers Automotive.

Christian Brothers Automotive is one of the nation’s leading automotive service and repair franchise systems, with more than 190 locations in 27 states. Every time you visit Christian Brothers Automotive, your car will receive a complimentary courtesy inspection. It’s their way of keeping us informed about maintenance issues before they become major problems. 

car maintenance checklist | sincerely onyi

My original plan was to visit my local Christian Brothers to get a courtesy safety inspection. But as luck would have it, Betty ( my BMW X5) started having major issues so we had  her towed to Christian Brothers and had a diagnostic check along with her battery changed. I absolutely loved the amazing service, from the employees to the franchise owner. Especially the courtesy ride to and from my home when my vehicle was ready. They do a great job of looking over all these tips I share below.


car maintenance checklist | sincerely onyi

Car Maintenance Checklist


With any vehicle you buy, regular car maintenance is required. Inspections ensure you’re safe when you hit the open road. Simply put, if your brakes aren’t working properly, that puts you and everyone else around you at risk of an accident.

Get Acquainted With Your Owner’s Manual

This one has probably been hanging out in your glove box since you got the car. A lot of questions can be answered here.

Check Oil and Oil filter

Taking time to check your oil level is a must, as well as regular oil changes. Pull out your dipstick and wipe it off with a rag, re-dip, and then see where the oil level is. You will see a mark in the dipstick to show proper oil level. Running a car out of oil can mean the end of your car. Whether you do the oil change yourself or take it into a specialist,  follow your car mileage guide (generally around 5,000 miles). 

Check Your Radiator 

Clean your radiator with a soft brush and water to remove any debris that might be stuck. Whether bugs, dirt, and more. 

Check Tires Monthly

Tires are what get you from point A to B, and ensuring there is good pressure in tires, tread, and more are essential. Before any road trip, you need to check tire pressure as well as looking over your tires. Make sure the tread of tires is there, and no balding spots. Sometimes if you see your tires getting thinned out on one edge, it could mean you are overdue for a tire rotation. Wobbles in the steering wheel, wear on your tread, all can be signs you need those tires rotated. 

Check Out: Car Seat Safety


Battery terminals can show erosion over time, so giving your battery a quick look can help you to see if you need to do any cleaning on the terminals. If your battery has a cap, check the fluid in your battery every few months as well to see that it is okay. 


Ensuring you can stop quickly and with ease is something that is a must. We head to a break repair near San Antonio to get ours check properly. This will make traveling whether in town or on a long trip a safer experience. Nothing is worse than hearing your brakes going out, or you go to use them, and they don’t work as well as they once did. 

Air Filter 

Air filters need to be cleaned regularly, as dust, dirt, and pollen can get trapped. If you don’t have adequate air flow, it can make your engine work a lot harder. Taking it out, and holding it up to the light to see if you can see the light through it will show if it needs to be replaced. I regularly just replace ours to ensure it stays clean. 

All Fluids 

Transmission fluid, coolant, power steering, etc. all need to be checked on a schedule to ensure all levels are where they should. 

car maintenance checklist | sincerely onyi

The courtesy inspection provided by Christian Brothers Automotive covers these areas and more:


  • Instrument clusters and gauges
  • Manufacturer-scheduled maintenance items
  • Parking brake
  • Timing belt or timing chain
  • Drive belts
  • Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Coolant
  • Power steering fluid
  • Radiator and hoses
  • Heater Hoses
  • Battery, battery terminals, and battery cables
  • Tuning components
  • Engine oil
  • Under-hood leaks
  • Headlights and taillights
  • Wiper blades
  • Washer operation
  • Air conditioning
  • Air filter
  • Cabin air filter
  • Tires
  • Alignment
  • Axle shafts, axle boots, and U-joints
  • Shocks and struts
  • Exhaust system
  • Steering gear, power steering pump, and hoses
  • Suspension components
  • Brakes, rotors, and caliper


What is one thing on the regular car maintenance checklist that you always do? 

You Need This Car Maintenance Checklist


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