Why You Should Invest Time In Early Literacy Skills

early literacy skills

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The Gift Of Literacy

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Early literacy skills heavily depends on a child’s experiences at home and their learning of books and letters from a young age. 98% of a young child’s vocabulary is learned from their parents through telling stories, singing songs and reading books. Does this scare anyone? It’s a reminder that I’m a huge factor in preventing a literacy gap for my boys. Investing your time in developing early literacy and language will benefit them in the long run. Even when you have a newborn or toddler, reading to them each day helps build that interest in books and learning. As they grow and begin to understand more, you will see an exponential growth. Investing in early literacy skills is a great foundation for academic success later and helping prepare your toddler for school. 

early literacy skills

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Why Invest In Early Literacy Skills

  • Builds vocabulary 
  • Allows the child to use their imagination
  • Improves speech as well as cognitive skills 
  • Brain development
  • Emotional awareness
  • Created positive interest in books 
  • Multi-sensory development
  • Helps with memory 
  • Increases quantitative reasoning 

early literacy skills



What I have learned is it’s never too early to begin working with your child. Even in infancy and not yet being verbal, reading continues to help develop speech and the foundation for a healthy imagination. Reading can be a positive addition to a nighttime routine. As they look forward to reading time with you, and their mind continues to grow, they can recall parts of the books you’ve read to them and follow along. 

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The Early Literacy Skills

These skills help little ones establish a successful foundation for reading


Reading a variety of books helps deposit into their arsenal of vocabulary words.

Print Motivation

A child’s interest in reading can only originate from exposure.  Print motivation is a child interest in and motivation in reading books.

Print Awareness

This concept will depend on language such as reading from left to right and in what direction to flip the pages

Narrative Skills

Being able to explain or describe an object or a story is important in childhood. This skill is very involved and can pour over into all aspects of life.

Letter Knowledge

This is why I love teaching the ABC song from an early age. Letter knowledge in learning that letters have different names and sounds from each other, which also lends into phonological awareness where they understand that what they hear are letters and they can be out together to make different sounds.

early literacy skills

Early Learning Activities

All of these skills can be developed with continued reading exposure. Say words while reading and pause between syllables to have your child guess what you’re saying. Read stories or poems with different sounds to your child. Point out and name letters in picture books. For preschoolers try drawing letters or pictures on paper or in sand.


Depending on their level of development, let your child try and help share what they think will happen next in a story, allow them to ask questions. Talk about the different colors on the page, shapes, animals, or anything else. Don’t feel like you have to read without interruptions. The goal I’ve used is to always read at least three books each day with your child. Even if they seem too young to pay attention, you are laying the foundation for early literacy skills and a healthy curiosity for books.

early literacy skills




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Did you read to your child at an early age? How do you build their early literacy skills at home? 



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Why You Should Invest Time In Early Literacy


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