Reconnecting With Friends During Holiday Travel

Reconnecting With Friends During Holiday Travel

*This tips for nurturing friendships post is sponsored by Motel 6 but as always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Sincerely Onyi*

The holidays are one of the best opportunities to reconnect with family and friends. Adulting gets tough, but keeping your friends close through it all can get tougher. A Dutch study found that, on average, we lose connection with about half of our close friends every 7 years. Making time for someone is a huge indicator of their value to you.  So, during this busy holiday travel season, remember it’s the perfect time to make plans to reconnect with friends.


My girlfriends and I have reached the point in our lives where we are working mothers, wives, and professionals, but more importantly, we’re over all the cooking and cleaning. Can you blame us? Holiday season + adulting is stressful. That’s why I was excited to partner with Motel 6 and stay at their Studio 6 location in Plano, TX. Studio 6 is an extended stay lodging option part of the Motel 6 family. We threw a stress-free Friendsgiving where we kicked back (kid-free) in pajamas and celebrated with brunch and mimosas. A millennial paradise LOL. Studio 6 allowed us to feel right at home, which makes it the perfect place to plan an affordable pajama jam or our next adventure with the toddlers.


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tips for nurturing friendships




tips for nurturing friendships


Below I’m sharing tips on how I stay connected with my close and even newer friendships over the years.

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Reconnecting at Studio 6

As you can see, we had a blast reconnecting at Studio 6 and it more than surpassed my expectations! Studio 6 gives you the freedom to extend your stay on a budget, so you can save more for what you travel for. Conveniently located in major business areas, you can also access great retail, entertainment and dining options.


Most of Studio 6 suites are newly renovated with a full-sized fridge, stove top, and cooking supplies. You guys know this comes in handy when traveling with toddlers who are picky eaters. All rooms have an adjustable flat screen television and a selection of cable TV channels. I loved the space and cabinetry in our bathroom and main room. With plenty of space for the four of us, we were able to pack our stuff away for a comfortable extended stay.

tips for nurturing friendships


I know, sometimes your mind may tell you that the other person should be reaching out but in the bigger picture what’s most important? Our pride or our friendships? Suck it up sweetheart and reach out first. We are all leading lives that get busier and busier. If you find a moment, reach out and let a close friend know they crossed their mind. Don’t let pride get in the way of progress.

tips for nurturing friendships


Friendships aren’t a 1-way street. As much as you may like to talk about yourself, make sure you’re really listening to what your friends have to say. It’s not only about the gems or the tea they can drop but hear them out on their pain points. Listening is key to finding ways you can support them. Most importantly, just being there when they want to share or vent. One helpful tip is asking open-ended questions.



Enthusiastically encourage and celebrate your friend’s accomplishments. Some of the most intimate relationships are based on the reaction the person has to someone else’s good news.

tips for nurturing friendships

Be Vulnerable

Make yourself a little bit vulnerable. Nobody becomes besties by only discussing the weather. It’s not guaranteed that pouring your heart out to someone will make you close friends, but if the connections, similarities, and vulnerability are just right, you might be surprised who becomes a lifelong friend.


Reconnect in Real Life

We are in the age of social media, where connecting and reconnecting can easily stay on these platforms. A recent research study shows that social media has a significant effect on interpersonal communication. We can gush over each other on the “gram” but will we be brave enough to say hello in person? There’s something about meeting up in person and breaking down those communication walls that foster deeper connections with friends.

tips for nurturing friendships

What are other tips for nurturing friendships? Any other strategies you use to make new friends? Sound off below or on social media!


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Reconnecting With Friends During Holiday Travel

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