Mental Health Monday | Collective Trauma & Processing Last Week’s Events

Mental Health Monday | Collective Trauma & Processing Last Week’s Events

Today’s Mental Health Monday is dedicated to collective trauma. What is collective trauma? It’s a shared emotional reaction to a terrible event. Like many, I struggled to move past what happened last week. 

What we do to cope with that trauma is important, and I’m grateful that this past weekend I was able to spend time with friends and family members. I was able to disconnect from social media, and just be in the moment.

You may struggle with guilt, shame, or feelings of hopelessness because of these recent events, but know that hope is never truly lost. 

I didn’t realize how much I needed this weekend to recharge. Celebrating my brother @magichourz + @shekinahgoode PLUS I got to meet @funmiford & @kameronmonet IRL and the vibes were amazing.

Ok Birmingham, I may have judged you wrong 👀

How are you feeling after last week’s events? Leave a comment below. I’m really interested in hearing from you. I’d love for us to connect online. Follow my Instagram and TikTok for more content.

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