Why Pediatric Eye Care Should Be Priority This Season

pediatric eye care

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‘You can’t replace your eyes.’ This is what sticks in my head any time my mom caught me looking at the TV too closely. Fast forward to present day and I have little ones of my own whose eyes I am in charge of caring for. This summer is the perfect time to take our little guys in for a comprehensive Pediatric eye exam. Surprisingly some eye issues can start pretty early on in childhood; that’s why it’s recommended to get Pediatric eye care for your child at an early age. We used Thinkaboutyoureyes.com to find an optometrist near me.

Research shows that even as early as preschool (5-10%) have vision issues at such a young age. When you let it go untreated, it can create even more damage to your child’s eyes and even possibly vision loss. So how soon should you take your baby in to get their eyes checked? The answer may surprise you.

When Should You Seek Pediatric Eye Care For Your Child

According to Thinkaboutyoureyes.com, The American Optometric Association recommends taking your child in at the age of 6-12 months old. Then if they get an all-clear, they generally get asked to come back at the age of 3 and 5 years old. The sooner you catch any issue, the better to treat and hopefully prevent any damage that will affect them later in life.

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How To Schedule A Pediatric Eye Exam

When you take your newborn to the pediatrician, they will generally do a quick overall exam. If the pediatrician notices anything is off, they might refer you to a pediatric optometrist. Otherwise, you can find one in your area on thinkaboutyoureyes.com and then call to set up pediatric eye care. Just let them know your child’s age and see when they recommend coming in to be seen.

When you go to schedule your appointment, make sure it’s a time where your baby is happy and alert. Don’t schedule it during or close to nap time where your little one might be less than thrilled to see a pediatric optometrist. Also, make sure to bring any history on both of the parents on eye care, so they know what to look for in case there is a history of eye issues.

How Do They Test On Young Children

Your baby or toddler can’t read the letters that are showcased on a screen or paper across the room like an adult. The pediatric optometrist will use specialized equipment that is made for children. They will use lights, toys, and even fun matching games to evaluate your child’s sight. They make it fun for the children and try not to scare them through the process. Depending on the child, they may dilate their eyes to get a proper look at their anatomy. This is totally ok mama, this will not hurt them and the pediatric optometrist will be to give you peace of mind on your little one’s vision health.

What They Look For In a Pediatric Eye Exam

Your optometrist will be looking to see that your child’s eyes are focusing on, if they have eye/hand coordination, show any signs of near or farsighted issues, and more. Some problems are a little one’s eyes might showcase a lazy eye. Most of the time if caught early they can try and correct it with glasses and prevent it from getting worse as they age.

One thing that stuck out during our visit was that our optometrist mentioned the lack of blinking while using digital devices. This leads to the loss of meibomian glands, then causing meibomian gland dysfunction or dry eye. So make sure to blink people! It is the bodies way of cleaning out eyes.


Have you taken your children for Pediatric Eye Care yet? When was YOUR last eye exam?


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