Why I Make Optimism a Lifestyle

opt for optimism benefits of optimism frost bank

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Its so easy being optimistic when everything is going right, but you need it most when its not

Today is day 15 of the Frost Bank Optimism Challenge and the experience so far has added so much value to my life, continually showing me the power of being optimistic. Being optimistic has become an important lifestyle for me after some major life events in 2015. One day I plan to share all of the hills and valleys our family has gone through, but until then know that we are beyond grateful we don’t look like what we’ve gone through. Sometimes, its still a challenge for me to incorporate optimism into my daily life, even though each day of the challenge continues to be fun and rewarding for me. Making a conscious decision to opt for optimism has positively affected my health, both physically and mentally, and the change in my overall attitude is visible to me and those around me.

For instance, reaching out to you, my community, to inspire you to join this challenge and potentially change your own perspectives is probably one of the most rewarding outcomes I could get from this challenge. When I learned about Frost’s challenge, I immediately wanted to share this experience with you–my readers– with the hope that you will be able to take away as many benefits as I have.

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opt for optimism benefits of optimism frost bank

opt for optimism benefits of optimism frost bank

Sharing is Caring

As we continue together throughout each activity over the next 15 days, I implore you to share with me your experiences here and on social media. I also want you to share the value of optimism with those around you as well. The only way we can use optimism to help to improve this world is by sharing how optimism has helped our own lives with others. Sharing your more optimistic presence with the people you encounter throughout your day also can help to brighten the day of others–even if they aren’t aware of the challenge. Day 10 was especially significant for me because it helped me to take a deeper look at how many people are genuinely lonely, even when they are surrounded by others and connected to others through social media. Loneliness is probably one of the most pervasive feelings one can have and often leads to depression, feelings of worthlessness, and an emptiness that isn’t filled simply by being present or connected with others.  Luckily, optimism can help with feelings of loneliness.

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Filter Out the Negatives

Did you know that the content you expose yourself to on social media has a direct correlation to your personal outlook on life? In the past few years, I noticed that I had a heightened sense of anxiety and anger due to the news I was taking in daily. This changed how I perceived the world and at times, changed my mood during interactions with family and friends. Because of this, I made a conscious effort to seek uplifting and positive news. I’m not saying you should be naive of what’s going on in the world around you. What I deem most important is to protect your peace, however, you may see fit.

Social media can be an awesome tool to connect with others but it can also divide people. When you are constantly bombarded with imagery of people who seem to be living their “best lives” and you feel stuck in your own, it is easy to develop a pessimistic attitude. Fortunately, that pessimism can be addressed by filtering out the content that does not add value to your life. Learning to be conscious of the content you’re absorbing on a daily basis can be instrumental in you gravitating toward more positive content that can boost your self-esteem and inspire you to see what’s great about you and your situation. This is what being optimistic is all about.

Through deliberate focus and the support of others, optimism can become a decision that we all make many times, each and every day.

Be Aware of Your Progress

As we continue our journey together to live a more optimistic life, I encourage you to be cognitive of how you feel each day.  Are you more energetic and excited for what lies ahead? Are you setting new goals for yourself and diligently working toward them?  Are you finding it easier to see the bright side of a situation? Are you actively seeking out ways to engage with other optimists? Are you feeling less stressed than you were when you began the challenge? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you are headed toward a life that is much more self-fulfilling and immersed in opportunity.

Our Children Are Watching

Another thing that this challenge has helped me to pay more attention to is the fact that my children are watching the way I react to challenges and difficult situations. Showing my children at an early age the importance of optimism and how to see situations in the most positive light will no doubt ensure they have at least one of the tools necessary to navigate obstacles later on. There are so many challenges that our youth face today, and many are exposed to situations that result in them feeling as though there is no hope. A child surrounded by optimists, however, has the benefit of adapting optimism into their own experiences. Providing future generations with tools that show them how to be more optimistic each day is one of the best gifts we can give to our youth. Helping them to understand that failure is only an option for those who aren’t trained to see the possibilities has the potential to change the world in a major way.  

Power Of Being Optimistic

Ultimately, by choosing to be optimistic you are giving hope to the planet. You are sending out an energy that can potentially impact every living thing as it ripples through each person you come in contact with, and then each person they come in contact with, and so on. Most importantly, optimism is one of the best gifts you can give yourself because you are redirecting your thoughts to see that the possibilities are endless, and that’s a wonderful outlook to have.

Let’s continue to be awesomely optimistic together and share this wonderful feeling with others.

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Why I Make Optimism a Lifestyle

Sharing is fun!

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