Sometimes you have to realize….

No one is as excited about your wedding as you are :-/ Well…..if you’re Nigerian maybe your parents 😛

Let’s be real…deep down you want everyone to stop what they’re doing and focus on your wedding. Reality check: 1. They’re helping you with your wedding out of the kindness of their hearts 2. They have lives of their own, maybe even other weddings to plan. You don’t want to drive your Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, Future Hubby or even random strangers CRAZY with your constant wedding babble!

Other ways to get your thoughts out are to blog 😉 , or visit wedding forums where future brides like yourself are obsessively talking about their wedding too and would love for you to jump in.

Just chill out. It will be okay. Take a deep breath and call your wedding planner. Because if you have a good one they will make you feel like their world is revolving around your wedding. God Bless wedding planners! lol



PS. I’m SO excited about our engagement shoot we just had in Houston and I am so excited to debut them on the blog !

Sharing is fun!

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